Lowest Completed Innings Scores
T20, All Grades, Marchmont Cricket Club, 03-May-1999 to 25-Aug-2019
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 MCC 2020 Cup XI MCC 13-Jun-2001 Heriots XI Goldenacre, Edinburgh MAST 52-10
2 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 02-Aug-2001 Muslims The Meadows, Edinburgh MWL 55-10
3 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 12-May-2008 PWC XI The Meadows, Edinburgh MWL 56-9
4 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 21-Jul-2015 Scottish Widows Campbell Park, Edinburgh MidFrnd 56-10
5 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 09-Jun-2003 HWU Staff CC The Meadows, Edinburgh MWL 58-10
6 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 28-Apr-2005 Scottish Widows Inch Park, Edinburgh MidFrnd 69-10
7 MCC 2020 Cup XI MCC 07-Jul-2010 Leith Beige XI Leith Links, Edinburgh PKS 69-9
8 MCC 2020 Cup XI MCC 02-Jul-2015 SMRH XI Inverleith, Edinburgh CC2020 70-10
9 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 19-Aug-2002 HWU Staff CC Roseburn, Edinburgh MWL 72-10
10 MCC Other2020 XI MCC 16-May-2012 Currie & Balerno The Meadows, Edinburgh MWL 73-10
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