Lowest Completed Innings Scores
All Matches, All Grades, Marchmont Cricket Club, 24-Apr-1999 to 25-Aug-2019
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Marchmont Cup XI MCC 04-May-2008 Drum/Trinity XI Inverleith Park, Edinbur PresTr 10-7
2 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 15-Jul-2000 Dalgety Bay 1sts Dalgety Bay Sport Centre ESCA4 12-7
3 Marchmont 3rd XI MCC 17-Jul-1999 MDAFS 3rd XI The Meadows, Edinburgh Grade E 25-10
4 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 17-Aug-2002 Falkland 3rd XI Scroggie Park, Falkland ESCA6 28-9
5 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 06-May-2000 Dunf Carnegie Pitreavie Park, Dunferml ESCA4 28-10
6 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 08-Jun-2002 SMRH 3rd XI Inverleith, Edinburgh ESCA6 29-10
7 Marchmont 3rd XI MCC 12-Aug-2017 Carlton CC 5th XI Peffermill, Edinburgh ESCA8 30-7
8 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 11-Aug-2012 Selkirk 1st XI Philiphaugh, Selkirk ESCA6 33-8
9 Marchmont 2nd XI MCC 05-May-2001 Dunnikier 2nd XI Dunnikier, Kirkcauldy ESCA5 36-8
10 Marchmont 1st XI MCC 11-Aug-2001 Grange 3rd XI Newfield, Edinburgh ESCA2 36-10
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